The Sunday Currently- I’m Back!

This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle anything that life will throw you this whole week! Aja Fighting guys!

Hello Guys! So, Yes I’m back into my Sunday Currently. Apologies for the 2 month long Hiatus hahaha. I wasn’t lazy writing, juts to be clear. I was preoccupied with my Work load, My MBA finals, and my online business.

I was so into these three things that my Sunday writing is set aside.

But today? Yes!! Finally, I could write up something! I hope you get to read this one.



  • This article on Cancelled Visa? Here’s your options This might help some friends I know that tehir Visas got cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • Also this super inspiring article by my good friend How to win the Battle. This is a really good read it helped me to realized that there is always more to life so never give up!


  • This Blog that took almost 2 months before I actually started writing.
  • I finished writing my Finals for one of my major Subject for my MBA. It was a heck of week for me and cramming. Yung workload ko talaga kasi may kasalanan nito eh hahaha Dejoke. Thankful that I still have a job in this kind of stressing and trying times.


My Mood for today~



Hi? How are you right now?

I know its really a difficult time everywhere in the world. There are lots of people who were affected by this Pandemic, and to amke it worst there are more matetrs that have been a problem to the world that making thins worst than ever. (Poverty plus Covid is like hell. Racism while there’s this Virus is really outrageous #BlackLivesMatter, The problems all around the world that amde worst because of this Corona Virus.)

Within months of quarantine I learned a lot. I learned that there are things w ehave neglected so much due to the monotonous life we are living in for the past few years, and without Corona Happening a lot of people might not have realized these important things:

  1. Your health is as precious as time. (Time is Gold, but your Health is Wealth)
  2. Your work is always unstable, even you worked hard for it for many years, Don’t die working for a company who can let you go specially on time like this. Takecare of yourself more than anything else.
  3. Work that we’re told that can never be done from home was proven wrong. #WFH is the new and safest normal now a days.
  4. Your time with your family was neglected, Now, this situation given you a lot of time to connect, communicate and make your loved ones feel loved more than anytime in your life right now.
  5. There are still good people around the world who are helping continously to those who have been suffering and in difficult situation even when there was no COVID yet.

There are more things to say but these are the most important ones that I myself realized. I hope you still get to do things right before you regret anything.

Also, its to early to give up. I know I might be saying like its really easy, but believed me I am going through though times as well. But, I am managing to straighten up myself and focus on the good things in this situation.

Let me give you some good things to do:

  1. Find a  new way of income (if you we’re one fo the people who lost their job due to CORONA). Try reselling, or go into baking and sell your yummy delights, or try online selling of your preloved items (its a good way to declutter as well, Marie Kondo will be so proud of you!)
  2. Exercise and be healthier while you have a lot of time.
  3. . Study! Yes, learn new things! You know that course you wanted to pursue? or that additional certificate you want to add to your CV. This is the best time to do it!
  4. find new hobbies, write things maybe Blog or just put in a paper all your ideas, or even sentiments, paint, dance, watch reviews, watch your fav series, and a lot more!
  5. Spend more time with your family members. You will never know what the future holds, so enjoy every moment with them.


My All time fav snack.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-07 at 12.30.13


  • For This year to end soon, I mean it’s been like January, February, March, COVID, December 2020. I really wish everything goes back to normal.
  • For my sister to win the Emirates Tickets. She is so enthusiastic about it and I really support her on it. (Plus, she used my lucky number.) HAHAHA.
  • To pass my MAB subject. Super ito lang sobrang thankful na ako.
  • Wishing Happy Birthday to those celebrating their Birthday’s today. (Be responsible enough on how you will celebrate it okay?)


  • For our Online Store to be Successful! Yup! Me and mys sisters started this online store @TheNewSecondhands This is something we are passionate about so we realized maybe we can actually start doing it as a business. (If you can kindly follow our page it would mean a lot to us! Thank you in advance!)



Wearing my Limited Edition Kayakoph Gabriela Silang Watch in Black Leather Strap.

And yes, suot ko din yung Table Cloth namin sa Bahay. Binarter ko na kasi lahat damit ko sa #ABCD page.  HAHAHAH

Oh Hey just want to share about this community, wherein it lets you barter your items in return you can ask for grocery packs, or your own personal stuffs (Bath materials, Laundry materials, skicnare, Hygine stuffs) you want that maybe based on the price of what your items is. You can barter anything! Preloved, used, unused, brand new and other stuffs! even plants are being bartered guys! This is a really good 



  • That I still get to keep my work in this difficult situation. I am blessed that i can still earn and survived in this Pandemic.
  • Loving that I am not sick or a positive case of COVID-19. Thank you po talaga Lord.
  • My Family, I keep on reminding myself that I should let them feel more loved and I want them to feel my presence. (I hope that the one reading this should be doing this as well, every minute counts)


  • to help more people. If only I was rich I would be helping those i know who lost tehir jobs or part of the No Work no Pay employees. (Just to share, me and my siblings set up a relief good distribution but we have only accommodate 10people since we also don’t have enough budget to give. It was really heartbreaking to know taht there are lots of people affected by the situation. )

Hey in anycase you wanted to extend some help yet don’t know where or how to do it, I’m more willing to assist you!


  • Motivated to do more
  • Motivated to finish all my task and enjoy our Game with my Siblings (we’re playing DOTA II) lol.


I’m feeling helpful today!

Hi Guys there are lots of my friends who started also a small business if you can kinldy like or follow tehir pages it would be a great help for them!

Here are these Pages!

  1. @yourcasehub.dxb if you are into cute and durable casing for your Phones head out to their page!


2. @meryendadxb Super yummy Filipino Snacks to enjoy with your family and friends! Their Yema Cake is highly recommended!


If you know anyone who started their business and want some shout out let me know guys! I want to help those who need some marketing!

Also I’m kinda feeling cute today might delete later XD


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Maldives meets Isabel!

When I was in college, there was a question my classmates would always ask “where are you going to spend your summer vacation?” One of my classmates said, I would love to go to the most romantic beach place in the world and she said, “I dream of going to Maldives.”

That made me curious of what that place is, I run down searches on Instagram and I can’t take off my eyes from this bewildering scenery anymore. After graduating and working abroad, I forgot everything about it.

Until I came across again a photo of the most scenic beach in my whole life showcasing the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. That was the moment it hit me! I want to go there!

With no further ado, I booked a flight to Male, Maldives! (I got discount! Lucky me! Thank you to my friends who’s working in Emirates, she Got me 50% off discount on my tickets!). I’m not sure what happened but I said to myself, its now or never!

Flight Booked
Here we come Male, Maldives!

It was February 26, 2019, when I set foot in the country, I never knew I would be going to. Seeing 1,200 islands, it was surreal. It was more than just beaches and luxury as those you would commonly see on social media. This is really a country of Nature and Kindness.

I stayed a night in the main Island near Velana International Airport in Hulhumale Island. (I get to know that there are lots of Filipino working in Maldives!)

It was a nice morning, I walked by the beach side, it reminded me of Boracay, those hotels near the seashore and you can walk from station 1-4, its just that this was 10 times better. The Indian Ocean waves and the sunset colors rising up was just so unforgettable, unimaginably beautiful.


After the walk, I went to take my breakfast and had to go in a hurry to reach the next speedboat to my next destination for the next Three days—Thuludshoo Island. It took 4 hours for the next speedboat to arrive in the airport. Yup, speedboat in the airport, because the whole airport is surrounded by water! And the only way to get to other islands or atolls are to ride a Ferry, speedboat or a seaplane. (The faster Transportation you rent, the expensive it is. A speedboat one-way ride cost at least 40USD.)

And here it is guy finally got into our Island and checked in! Here’s our own Villa for the next three days of relaxation and therapy. The hotel manager was so kind, the staff are so accommodating, the customer service was 5-Star! To note that this was not yet a 5-Star hotel/villa! I can just stay here forever! Thank you so much Met house for making our stay the best Maldivian vacation ever!

For someone who never thought of setting foot to this paradise, I guess it was a dream come true. I know that this place would always have a place in my heart now. In the end we only regret those chances we didn’t take. I was thankful I did took my chance!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 14.15.35 (1)

See you soon !

Shukuriyaa Maldives!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 14.15.35 (4)

Here’s more of Maldives and me. 🙂

The Sunday Post-Love Month


I’m back into writing! The last time I posted was the first Sunday of the year, now its the second month of 2020! How time flies right? and this just show how lazy I am. One post per month instead of a weekly Sunday post. HAHAHA

2020 just began but I’m jam packed with a lot of things to do! that is why I wasn’t able to share with you what had happened to me in the past few weeks.

But, no worries! here’s my Sunday Post recap to share with you all!





Also, just for everyone’s information! Look at this photo for you to know if you catch cold or flu! Take care everyone!



  • This continued blog that I was supposed to post last Sunday but work got so busy and I had no time to write at all. T_T
  • Writing on my Planner! (Yuuuup! I got my 2020 Planner guys!!!!) HOORAY!

Yes to this! 2020 lets do more of what makes us Happy!


This song just literally says what my heart feels right now.

“Pinagtagpo per hindi tinadhana.”


Deep into the waters
my thoughts are drown to you
The green blue surface
Makes me wonder of the depth
of what I feel for you
The sound of the boat
Succumbs the sounds of my heart beat
every time I think of you
The ripples of waves
Seems to depict
this turn of events
My lips are lost for words
But my heart knows what to say
I am lost in this rhythmic beat
of this creek

I wrote this  when I was so sure of my love for you…

But my heart does not know anymore that love from before.


I can’t eat because I had some dental activity and I can’t eat yet within 2-3hrs.

Look at me!

Thank you for my Free Dental Services from SMDC (Specialized Medical and Dental Center!) 


  • For better days to come and happier moments to experience.
  • Wishing for a great vacation soon!
  • wishing for my heart to heal.


I was only hoping for myself to realized its worth. Stop settling for less of what you deserved Self. You need to love yourself more. Stop giving away your heart to people who don’t deserved it.


Right now I feel so ugly. I don’t even want to show myself to anyone right now. 😦

#selfconfidencewentdown #pleasetryagainlater


  • People who appreciates me
  • My ever supportive family
  • I get to see and interact with Penguins yesterday. Hahaha They are so cute!
  • I did a lot of Snow Activity at Dubai Ski. #SkiYouAgain!
  • I won a Free Trip to Georgia for the second time around! ❤ Than you Lord!

More #muntingsiireneadventures to come!


  • Me time I guess? Like Salon time, massage, hair treatment etc. EHEM Sponsors please hahahaha
  • New things to try, new things places to explore.


  • Motivation to finish my studies. Paano na MBA ko huhuhu
  • Comfort of my Little sister. I miss her. Well, Actually I miss my whole fam in the Philippines.
  • A good Hug and maybe just really a comfort…


You made me see how beautiful it is to feel safe and comfortable with you.

You made me feel that I could not care less about what’s around me as long as I am with you…

You made me look into the future with no doubts and fears of what may come.

You made me feel that you are someone I can hand over my fragile heart.

It seems too impossible to really find someone like you. Someone who knows how to take care of someone like me, someone undeserving of all the love you keep on showering me.

But I was really lucky to find someone like you, to be able to hold you in my arm, to be able to share loads of laughter, and hug to comfort each other.

You were there when I needed someone to lean on, to be my confidante, my best friend, my comrade. You were my Knight-in-shining armor.

For those reasons I have given you my trust and my love. My genuine trust, even though I was afraid to do so, but my heart decided to give it you, because you matter a lot to me more than what you think you are.

I have given you my full trust, that you are someone I could entrust my love, my time, my vulnerable heart.

I said to myself, that maybe even though it’s too early to give myself out, I would not regret it. Because it was you whom I will be giving my trusting soul.

I was really happy to be able to let go of my fears and doubts and finally had opened up myself again to someone, someone I truly care. I was indeed happy. I feel delighted to share it with you.

But, nothing on this world last a lifetime.

My heart was unguarded. I have entrust myself to you without knowing what might happen.

You were the one who exposed me into the world I never knew, but you were also the same person who showed me how cruel a person could be.

As how hard for someone to gain the trust from someone you care it’s also just easy for people to waste it after getting it with all their might. Its just funny to think about  how people are really unpredictable.

One minute they are the most loving person you know and the next time the same person is the one who hurt you the most.

When you just have given all you have, they would just let it into waste. Funny yet it’s true, and at the same time it’s really painful and you just laugh it out, and sometimes what you can only do is to shrug it off. 

Why do we have to reach such point were we get hurt?

Maybe to teach us? Maybe to let us know that it’s not always sweet, happy, and romantic as it is in the movies and novels. That reality would struck you down on what it feels like to really love someone.

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The Sunday Post- Welcome 2020

Today is the first Sunday the year and I’m happy to start it with this Sunday blog!

How did you spend or welcome your New Year? Mine? Oh you bet its the best New Year’s Eve!

READ to find out!!





  • Writing again my first post of the year on my mobile phone! I’m getting used to it. But to be honest I still loved writing on my lappy. Probably gonna be going back writing on a planner! I saw my 2017 planner and I’m amazed how much I loved to write in the most classic way I know hahaha. It did somehow encouraged me to make again anecdotes of my life hahaha.


Bruno Mars playlist!! LLS for the week!


  • Thinking of cleaning the house
  • Thinking of my Skincare routine later
  • Thinking of my Laundry 😭
  • Thinking of my decisions in life. First day of 2020 and I decided to let go and go with the flow. Ex. Love me or hate me I’ll just love you, care for me or ignore me– I will still care for you, Stay the same or change– I will always be the same. 2019 taught me that no matter how good I do for others they would still hurt you, its a matter of accepting it and Moving on or Accepting it and adapting to it. I just don’t want to feel so low anymore. I will be the same nagging, loud, jolly, caring, loving and genuine person you have known me from the start. I don’t want to change just because people wronged me. I wanted to show everyone that even pain can be turn positive.
  • Thinking of buying my planner that I wished to be gifted to me by anyone last Christmas and New Year my goodness hahahaha! Unfortunately, no one gave me so yeah gonna buy myself one hahaha.


I ate my supposed to be lunch because I wasn’t feeling well. It was Chicken nuggets and steamed white rice.

Now I’m munching off my Toblerone chocolates I had with my bag since last week.



  • That I won’t be diagnose of any critical illness please. (I’m writing this down while I’m in the Hospital having myself checked due to the uneasiness I have been feeling for a week now.)


I’m hoping that everything that we wanted in life so come true this 2020!This May 2020 I will be celebrating 5 years of being an OFW here in UAE. I’m really happy and at the same time sad. Its been 5 years and I have learned a lot from Dubai and the people I have encountered. I gained different knowledge and experiences.

However, last year I haven’t reached the goals I set for myself. I’m lagging behind and pulling away from what is crucial–My priorities.

I’m hoping that this year I will be doing what matters most for me. I hope to those who is reading this as well that you must remind yourself of the dreams and goals that you hope to achieved!There are 11 months and 28 days more that! So start now!!


Something Ragged for Thursday Wash Day!
Something Ragged for the Day since its Thursday Wash Day!


  • That I get to express my thoughts and feelings through writing. I missed writing things with sense hahaha. I mean I know I do write my Sunday post but more than that I have stopped creating poems or articles that would inspire or inform people. I wish I could go back to that motivated self of mine.
  • My family! Oh you betcha I missed my family big time! Christmas and New Year away from them was really hard for us.
  • Loving this Experience we had for our New Year’s Eve Salubong with #TeamBBB!

It was surreal and at the same time a Blast welcome for 2020! I never imagined I would be seeing him Perform live! Thank you so much for this opportunity!


  • Shawarma hahaha I’m hunger now
  • A way to divert my attention to avoid being paranoid lol.
  • To make more videos on my YouTube Channel that would be entertaining and informative somehow. Haven’t subscribed yet? Here’s a sample video!


  • Right now? I feel like I have already what I need in life. I’m actually having a hard time to put what I need a while ago, and that strucked me. Maybe right now I don’t need anything because everything I need has already been given and provided. My heart is so grateful to realized it.



Weak but happy

Sick but Happy

I’m just happy to start the year with a happy Heart.😊This would be a great way to start the Year!

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The Sunday Post- Last Sunday Post for 2019!

Ayieee I’m so Kilig!!!!

I get to write again for this Sunday and to note that this is the last Sunday of 2019 OMG!

I want to make this one memorable and really inspiring as much as I can.

This whole year made a lot of changes in my life. So I will be posting a year review highlights of my 2019!

I’m sharing this because I wanted to somehow assess myself of what transpire in my 2019 and what it did to me or the people around me (in case It did somehow affected them.)

This is a great chance for you guys to make a quick assessment of your 2019 ganaps! ❤




  • My previous blogs and what occurred in my past Sunday posts.
  • Maine Mendoza’s Blog. She was one of my inspiration why i started Blogging. I miss her works but she has so much work as a great actor and model.


This last post for 2019! And I’ writing it on my Phone while I’m on my way home.

Usually I would write at work with my Lappy, but work demands too much of my work so I never get to finish my Blog at work today.

Actually this is a first for me. Writing it on my phone, kinda refreshing and a bit of a challenge to me coz I’m not used to it.


My Morning song this day was this. I’m kinda fan of Jojo hahaha.


As I have said, I wanted to do a recap of my 2019 so here it is:

January: 14th. The day I had made myself his. I never knew we would fall in love. Never in my life I thought of him becoming someone I’ll call mine. It is indeed a start of a great year.

February: I went to a place I never knew I could and would and what’s more surprising I went there with my Mon Amour. It was one for the books experience for 2019. Travelling to Sri Lanka and Maldives.

March: Happy Birthday to my Kambal and forever knight in shining armor! He would always be my bunso. He knows how much I love him even I get to bully him hahaha.


Happiest Birthday to my Kambal.

Actually we don’t have at this time but we still get to have something for his Birthday. All in All we are happy and contented.

Everything seems so good… until this was given to me by my company.


My termination letter. I am sharing this part of my life because it taught me so much as I work here in UAE.

My first job and lasted for 3 years and 10 months was a Secretary to a Local Emirati. For all those years I was blesses to be working with my Boss. He was a good man and a great businessman, a good husband and father.

I learned a lot from him. Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest turn of events in my life. I guess people are right when they told me there is no permanent here in Dubai when it comes to work. Well, even in life there is no permanent thing and the only thing we can do is accept it and move on or you can accept it and adapt to it.

For me it was hard, coz reality it would be hard again to start from scratch, to look for a new job and attend interviews. I was complacent because I never thought I would be losing my job until I lost it.

My life went 360 degree. I had to wake up so early to send my CV to almost every site I could think of, I keep my remaining money intact because I have no other source of income at the moment, I eventually became eager to learn more skills that companies now are requiring, I was studying, trying new things, I felt like I had so many things that I was not aware of and it made me wonder what was I doing all this time?

Somehow I assessed myself, Am I still credible? Competitive? Am I worth it?

These things are my realization when I was struggling to get a Job.

There was a point I wanted to go back home in my country and give up my Dreams here in Dubai. (Kinda depressing time of my life)

But then I came to realized the positive side of what I was experiencing. Going out of my comfort zone, learning my mistakes, and taking a new challenge that was the best teaching of losing my job.

So to anyone who have been laid off I hope you will never ever give up on finding a new job and continue striving harder than before!

April: Yes to my Birth Month! I was actually thinking of doing a Jollibee Birthday bash unfortunately due to my termination I wasn’t able.

When you think you are alone in your battles within always remember that there are people who will always be there for you–your family.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-30 at 08.21.02
I love seeing myself smiling so much.


Thankful to have them here in UAE, most of the OFWs here are not with there family members. I know I am blessed that I am with them here.

May: I wish I was home to celebrate my Mom’s 60th Birthday. But I can’t. It was really hard for me, but I decide to not give up and find another job in Dubai.

Through God’s will I landed a better Job opportunity, I guess I can always say that losing my Job in Belhasa opened up a better door of opportunities and challenges for myself!

I started a new work on May 1! Mama! Nagkawork na po ako and I will be working harder and save up for your future house!

6th. His birthday, a special day for me but we are miles away from each other. Happy Birthday Mon Amour.

I transferred Home away from my Siblings. Again, another turning point for me. (I shifted from a nearer place to my workplace. and I have to be away from my Sister and brother for some time.)

June: Maybe right now life has been slapping me so much for being so trustful to people. I know, I trust easily. Unfortunately, my trust is always always wasted by people whom I give my trust to. I always believe that whatever people do to me people shows only who they really are and how much they value me, even after the only thing I did was to show kindness and love.

This month was one of the saddest month. I learned that even you are good enough there would still be people who will make you feel you’re not enough. And somehow it really matters, even when we try to build again yourself there are times we get affected. Its natural we’re humans. But I really hope we don’t succumb too much to this.

(Also this Month: Happy birthday to my Most Handsome Nephew! Hello Justingting! Tita Loves you so much!)

July: Happy Birthday to the kindest and most selfless person I know. Happy Birthday to our  second mom here in Dubai! Hehehe I love you Ate Irish ko! The person who was there for me all this time was born on this Month! Appreciate your siblings they would be bullying you the rest of your life but they would be the first to protect you from anything that will hurt you!

Best Ate ever! (Ehem alam mo na ha)

Ate ko
The person who selflessly gives herself to her family.

August: This is the Day I realized that even the person you know the longest can leave you and be a stranger to you. This month I learned to finally let go of people I considered as a friend. You know, before I keep on accepting people’s attitude and  differences because there is no same human in this world. That’s why people differ on their behavior and perspective. But you see as to moral and values, you will know who should you be keeping as a friend and who should you let go to protect your mental and emotional health. For me it was so hard because I’ve known the person for more than 10 years, but they way I see things between us, i can’t find myself to associate myself to her anymore.

She who have hurt me, but I have forgiven, She who I have helped but I was abused, She who I have tried to make peace, but made me restless, I could keep up with these, but to say hurtful things towards my love ones specially my family members and friends? I guess that’s too much already. Its time to say goodbye for good.

Lesson: Never let people take away your peace of mind. Free yourself from this kind of people. Its hard but this is something you will thank yourself soon.

September: Another Heartbreak. Yung Heartbreak na hindi lang iyak, but manghihina ka and you will question yourself, have I done wrong to deserved such lies and heartbreak? Nakakawala sa sarili. Kasi andun ka na eh, binigay mo na lahat and you trusted the person so much. But you end up getting hurt triple time kesa dun sa last Heartbreak mo! Kainis lang diba? hahahah. (Sorry I’m speaking mostly in Filipino to express my feelings with conviction hahahah) Pero this month tested my values. Alam ko naman eh, I cannot be mad and despise anyone, kasi yun ako eh. Yung puso ko yung matigas, kasi siya yung marupok dahil hindi nya alam paano magalit. Because being mad does not make me better. I know it better than anyone else. It does not feel good, but yes I know, I don’t deserved to be lied to or make me cry buckets of tears. But, this is me eh. I just happened to have a big heart to accept and forgive. But I’m not the type to forget easily, and that is what making things worst on my part. I keep on bringing back the things that hurt me once. I wish I could learn to forget painful things.

October: Finally I’m with my Siblings again! It was months of homesickness. I shifted back with my siblings! Unli laughter again. 😀 Yun lang I have to adjust again. I want to be with My siblings, then I have to give up living near my work. But it’s one of the best decision ever this year! I have constant love with me because I’m with them.

November: One month more and its the end of the year. What happened to me? I learned a lot from my work. Oh I passed my probationary period! Thank God, I’m officially part of the team! Happy to be part of DPCM-JBR!

This Month, I was so happy to be able to spend time with this Kid. He attended our Halloween event. The last time I played with him was 2016. Its’s been 3 years!

I don’t know why I’m happy to see you again, but I’m just glad you are becoming a good boy. 🙂 I hope you’ll be a healthy and intelligent kid! You we’re the highlight of my Month. I know I’m not supposed to be happy but what to do, You really are a ray of sunshine. I know you are happiness to your parents.  Grow well and be Happy Little Boy! ❤

December: I’m writing this on the Last Sunday of this Month. In the past few months there we’re more things that changed and made me realized different things life. I hope I could tell it all here. (But my blog is getting long haha So I must Say goodbye now.)

This Month I cried again buckets of tears…

Made me miss Philippines! Iba talaga Pasko sa Pinas.

I cried again.

My patience was tested. (I failed though hahahaha)

And made me realized my worth more than anything. #Menatonia

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-30 at 08.21.17



I had so much for today and these are: (Sorry I’m Matakaw)

  • Champorado and Kape
  • Dingdong (Sweet & Spicy)
  • Bicol Express and Rice
  • Tapa King (yung Tapa Queen Flavor hahaha)
  • Tteokbokki (Hindi spicy T_T)
  • Honeycake (to complete my meal hahaha)


  • Wishing to win the LIV CHALLENGE that my siblings and our love ones entered to! Uy effort kami dun, but more than entering the contest I enjoyed the shoot day with my sibling and our plus ones. Bonding time for us 🙂


  • For better year to come! As in 2020 please be good to me! Actually to us! 2019 has been a rough year for most of us and hoping maybe 2020 would not be the same as this year. Hoping for better outcomes, greater learning,  better opportunities, more kindness, forgiveness to give, and a life full of laughter and genuine love. This I hope not only for me and my love ones but for everyone out there. I know life is hard but never give up please.


Sunday Office Attire. Only when I’m at work that i look like a real human. Coz most of the time I look like a potato.


  • Myself 🙂
  • Loving that I get to write this post and end my 2019 in a very expressive post haha.
  • Loved that my investment we’re fruitful
  • Loving my Saforteza Family that we’re with me all this time even I’m not part of their family anymore.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-30 at 08.20.50

  • Loving the best family ever LUZON FAM! I miss you guys!



  • A 2020 Planner which I was wishing to get last Christmas but I did not get. LOL
  • iPhone 11! Chaaar!! I just want this year to end in a good way and welcome the New year with a grateful heart.
  • To bring that Smile and positive vibes in my life


  • Peace of mind. I’m an over thinker and its getting really messed up here in my mind.
  • A coffee break. Yung coffee break that I used to do before, Somehow I really missed those days I go to a coffee shop and just enjoy the ambiance and the company of Sir.


I feel so blessed this year even with the struggles and pain I have experienced. I have received more than I deserved. My heart is so full. I hope to the one reading this, instead of thinking of what you did not get, think of those what you have received and have–be thankful for it.

For my 2020 advice:



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Sunday Currently-Get up and Smile!

Hello Dubai, Hello World!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted my Sunday Currently.

Let me have a quick post for today! (Still have work and studies to juggle and yet here I am figuring out what to write.)

Anyhow, Hey Let’s see what comes on my mind!

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-22 at 11.35.35.jpeg



  • Nike: product development from concept to customer -I’m reading this for my case study. I have been lagging behind on my MBA huhu. (My fault, I can’t get myself to do my MBA due to the following reasons: Busy at work, second I have other things I consider urgent, third I am too lazy because my motivation is so down, and lastly, yeah I make excuses to finish my Final paper T_T)

You can read it! It’s actually a good read when it comes to understanding Company history and corporate responsibility.


  • This Year ender Blog for 2019.
  • My Wish list for Christmas ❤


All I ask is
If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
‘Cause what if I never love again?

Well, the lyrics speaks so much of what I’m feeling right now. 🙂


I’m thinking of so many things, the past months, the changes that occurred in my life, things I have done and people did to me, the challenges I overcome and the Blessings I have received.

2019 has been a great year to me, giving my drawbacks and struggles that made me stronger than before, gave me opportunities to grow, I also got to love more than I could.

It was a beautiful year for me. I know it was not perfect, but for me it was perfectly imperfect. All the people I encountered for the teachings they have given me, for the people who I have to let go to take care of my peace of mind.

I guess the best thing that I learned this year was to let go of people. Even for those who I have loved so much. It was the greatest pain and yet the greatest learning for me.

and maybe again I would be learning more before the year ends.

Letting go of the pain, frustration, disappointment, and the Love I have given, that is the bravest thing I have done and will be doing again. Why do I have to do this? because maybe this is the only way for me to learn to love myself again.

As I have realized, I have been giving away myself too much and I’m leaving nothing for myself again. I hope it’s not yet too late for me Irene to love you, to take care of you, and to make you happy.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-22 at 10.18.22


I have no appetite at all. (Yup, Miracle for me HAHAHA nawala katakawan ko)

But I’m thinking of eating this…hehehehe (My favorite Snack)

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-22 at 12.06.58.jpeg


  • For Christmas to make way to bring back people closer.
  • For our Christmas to be Happy even we’re far from our love ones. (Hirap maging OFW nakakamiss ang Pasko sa Pinas.)


  • Hoping for? Right now, I feel so lost… I just hope to get back that Smiling, positive, jolly self of mine. Sometimes, I feel like I have forgotten how I was before. Dibale, Aja Isabel! Lets work hard to see that Irene again!


A Polka dots dress matching with my Bungisngis smile! 😀


  • Siguro right now I really want to say na mahal ko yung sarili ko, pero hindi ko pa magawa. I want to learn how to love myself more. Napapagod na din kasi ako. But matigas puso ko kung kaya umitindi at magpatawad gagwin ko, I feel like I’m so messed up, pero pretending to be okay. Yun naman talaga magagawa ko eh maging Okay, masanay and get up and face the world with a Smile.

To everyone who is reading this, Stay Strong ano man hinaharap nyong problema.




So many things, so many…But right now I want to be okay just for today.


  • A lot of patience.
  • A lot of understanding
  • A lot of courage
  • A Big heart to accept what may come…


A roller coaster of emotion.

Pero di tayo papatalo sa emotions Isabel. hehehe

You’ve grown a lot you know that. You know what you should do right now.

Take time, breathe, take some space for yourself.

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Sunday Currently

Hi Dearest friends, I am finally back to writing my Sunday Blog!

I just went for few months of procrastination. (Sucks to be lazy) I know, I know, I am also looking for what I lost—My Motivation! 

Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil what motivates me today to write hahaha! Its been so long since I get to write what happened to me fro the past few weeks or months to be exact.

Fortunately, I have the time now!

Let’s kinda enjoy this wonderful Sunday guys!




This and that. I am not moving on from my articles for my reaction paper for my MBA. But anyhow, I’m happy almost there reaching that Tassel and Degree! Gambatte Kudasai self! It’s gonna be a good end of the year if you surpass the storm of your exams hahaha! (I know for some they just started their term at their respective schools! How’s Highschool and College life guys?  Enjoy while it last coz adulting is so so so much demanding than your terror professor!)

anyhow, sharing these two interesting Articles:

A journal on Operations Management: “System Dynamics perspectives and modeling opprotunities for research in Operations Management.”


Cisco Services Helps Lower TCO for Cisco IT (I really think my professor is a major in IT I keep on getting IT articles for my reaction papers)

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-29 at 09.30.50


This once in a blue moon Blog. (I will try my best to do a follow up if I get the best of myself in these coming days hahahaha! In short, I will try not to be lazy)


Whilst, I am fan of Elaine Duran since the beginning of her journey with TNT, I was stunned by John Mark on his 3 final songs for TNT Championship. I just can’t get enough of his performance. He brought these OPM songs to a greater level. A man of Talent indeed!


Okay so this is gonna be a Long one.

For the last years I was in Dubai, I learned a lot on how people behaved. It’s a cliché to say but, “People come and go” is the best way to explain what I felt for the last 5 years here in UAE.

I became close to people of different culture and race, Say Hello and Goodbye as they soon depart form this sand pit land.

It is also the same with my fellow Filipino friends.

While there are goodbyes to remember, Unfortunately, there are that you have to let go and better never remember. There are times that these friendship you thought to be real, are just so fake that it becomes too good to be true.

For example, I had a 12 years friendship that I just ended cutting ties with. Because it was too painful to shoulder such person in my life. Who have been giving a lot of negativity in and making me thought of bad things towards her due to her actions and attitude. You will really never know what a person could be after he/she experienced a life, for us maybe being an OFW really changes a person’s attitude and behavior. Especially, for her who don’t have a family here to lean on. Being strong and keeping her self interest was the best she could do to survive here. But that made our friendship ended. I cannot deal anymore with her inconsiderations of me and my family. It might be painful now that I took a different path for our friendship but this is the only way for me to finally be free of stress and negativity.

Most of the Filipinos here in Dubai tend to have a mindset of “FIRST SELF” which I failed to do so for the last 5 years. HAHAHA Yup, you might call me stupid for being too trustful, too generous, or too kind to some people who have used me, made fool of me, or just wanted something from me. Well, I just have this principle in life that whatever other people do to you let it not take away who you are. Do not change the way you have treated everyone from the start just because they don’t treat you the same. Kindness is not something you ask for something in return. It is something we do and give because its the right thing to do.

If people take advantage of your kindness, let it be, it doesn’t changed the fact that you are kind, it just shows what kind of people they are for doing such act.

So you might ask? Then how will you learn to value yourself?

You see, valuing yourself is not how people see you, It’s how you see yourself.

If you still see yourself being that kind, generous, and same person you was, and it makes you feel happy and good, then don’t change.

Let your genuine feelings change the people around you.

Because no matter what you do you can’t actually impress or change everyone as much as you want. Then why make the hassle to change yourself just to let people learn their lessons? Let karma do that for you, because if you have met people who have taken advantage of you and made a fool out of you, or worst— have hurt your feelings, just think of this: Life is balanced. There would also be people who are watching you and appreciating the genuine you. They are just around you so don’t fret on the people who you have invested your true feelings and eventually wasted it. You will still be surrounded by the right people, if not now sooner or later. Or you might not just noticed it but they are THERE, supporting you all these time.

Advise to anyone reading this:

Smile, be kind, be yourself, do not let the negativity of others changed that optimistic you. Let go of the people who are negative to you and negative to themselves.

Spread the word, Spread #Goodvibes



Oh I had a nice breakfast courtesy of Nyka Ancheta! My sweet little sister to be. Haha! Thank you brother’s girlfriend for prepping up our breakfast! It was tasty!

I had home made Tuna Sandwhich and a nice cup of cafe latte!


Office Attire. (Classic Black slacks and my Long sleeves tucked, paired with flat shoes to make my life comfy)

It’s Sunday and its the first week of the day for us here who are working in GCC countries.


  • Wishing to get to finish packing and shifting to our new house.
  • Wishing to finish my reaction papers on time ahahahaha


  • I hope and pray that my mom gets better.  She’s been sick lately. I’m really worried.
  • Hoping to get more enrollees for Filipino Institute! Hey guys might want to enroll for Batch 12 of Filipino Institute-JLT Campus! Calling Calling my fellow Kabayans!


Click here to further details: Filipino Institute-JLT Campus


  • My Bff in the Philippines, Hello Shoutout to Hillay Gaspar! ❤
  • Loving my siblings ❤
  • Loving myself more than I did before. I learned the 80% 20% rule of love.
  • That I still genuine friends that supports me.
  • I love my Mom and Dad! (Hey don’t forget to tell your parents how much you love them everyday!)


This two Ikea Items for our new Home:

Ikea Bissa Shoerack and Ikea Lote Drawers!

Anyone who wants to donate or buy me these? 😀


When its your first day of period…

crime scene

and you still have to go to work..


Fortunately, I am still in this vibes:

how to start the week
This is how to Start your Day!




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The Sunday Post-Hello Sunday


It’s Another new Sunday post from me! Yup, Finally getting this good vibes and motivation to write again!! (Kampai to me!!)

So today’s agenda is to share what commenced the whole weekends. Though its not gonna save Earth or solve half of the world’s problem, Unfortunately, this is just a simple Blog of a simple person who just wants to express herself!

To those who are confined of Social Media Criticism, this flat form has been my escape to the eyes of those people. I write what I want and what I feel. I guess I can share this to you guys! I highly recommend you to write and express your life, make this your daily/weekly E-Diary!

Even no one reads this, I believed that It helped me cope up with a lot of struggles I faced these past few years. Sometimes this same flat form served as a friend to me.

Okay, so before I get emotional with this, lets just have a sweet Sunday Post here!



Arson Attack of Kyoto Animation Studio I have been a fan of Anime way way back 12345678910 years, and Kyoto Animation has been a mind blowing producer of Sugoi (Sugoi is the Japanese word for Amazing!) Anime Series since then! Thus, it’s really painful to see that their are lives gone for good, and work of arts that will never be replaced. I mourn for the losses of those families lost their loveones in this tragedy.

Below are some of the Anime I have watched under Kyoto Animation!

  • Clannad (Super Classic!)
  • Koe No Katachi
  • Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai (I wondered what was your Secret Identity when you were a child? HAHAHA!)
  • K-On!! (One of my favorites! when I have 0 talent when it comes to Music! But hey I know how to be so funny!)
  • Amagi Birlliant Park (This is one heck of an Anime! The best! HAHAHA! This just made me believed that if you want to work things out for a bankcrupt business—  will, passion, hardwork, teamwork and yeah a lot of sarcasm and criticism must be acquired!)
  • Full metal Panic (One Classic Anime that made me and my siblings laugh our hearts out because of Sagara! How to be a simple highschooler for a Soldier? Learn the basics from SAGARA~)
  • Tamako Market (One cute Anime that me and my Sister loved so much!) 


  • This Beautiful Sunday Blog to share with you everyone!


These three kids are just so amazing! I wish I could sing even one proper song, but yup I can’t have it all! HAHAHA.

They are the TNT boys! or the Tawag ng Tanghalan Boys, they were discovered in the Tawag ng Tanghalan singing competition in Showtime, thus the name was formed.

Anyhow, they are just the cutest little creatures right now on my Blog hahaha!



  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Future plans
  • Goals to achieve and on process
  • My relationship with God
  • My relationship with my Family, its getting better than ever.
  • My relationship with Mon Amour-Its getting into its “Away Bati” moment.
  • My relationship with my friends–Trying to reach out to them again after I had isolated myself from for some time.
  • Thinking of redesigning my house over the weekends.
  • Thinking of my MBA and other ways for me to get certifications and further studies–I just love exploring and developing my knowledge. While I’m still young and able, I’ll do my best to do that, That’s my sole gift to myself.
  • Food
  • Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.
  • Ways to get slimmer without exercising yet eating too much? Any Miracle to suggest? HAHAHAHAHA
  • My family in the Philippines. I just missed my Mom and Dad Badly, I just want to give them the good life they deserved.
  • Thinking how can I achieved all the things I wanted in life? for my Family? for muy love ones? I’m really in my 20’s dilemma right now.


I’m eating the most expensive cake on Earth?

Chaaaaar! Hahaha

It’s my workmates Birthday and we surprised her with this

Classy LV cake!

I just learned that LV does not taste like leather but its kinda chocolatey! HAHAHA

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 15.23.37


  • Wishing that I win the Contest for Meraas. I really want to win that badly and make a surprise Birthday celebration for my Sister. This was my wish last Sunday Post—UPDATE— I WON THE CONTEST! AND WE ARE GOING FOR A NICE DINNER ON MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY AND DO A SHOPPING GALORE AT SEPHORA FOR HER! (My Mantra went well for this one, But hey I know God made a little magic happened there!)
  • I just wish everyone to have a Great Sunday!


  • That I can be of help to others who I can reach easily. Right now, I know I’m not that capable to help a great number of people but I know on my simple ways I can help those around me, the people I encounter everyday, or those who are meant to meet me.
  • Hoping to finally finish my term this month. No more extension please, its gettinge expensive to finish my studies. Anyone who’s kind enough to finance me? Hahahaha


This Snake Designed Flat shoes from Beira Rio-Conforto one of my newly added Flats!

I love Flatshoes! But I’m also a heels lover.

Oh by the way this is just one of the Pairs of Shoes I WON from @shoes4usofficial

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.10.54

I actually won 5 pairs of Shoes! I shared this with my siblings so they get to pick pairs of shoes as well! Lucky Us!

Me joining a lot of contests and competitions can sustain my material needs without spending a penny! Hahahah Charoot. How I wish!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.11.03.jpeg


  • That my brother finally got that Electric Scooter he wants! He wanted it not just because its just the trend now. My brother walks like 3 kilometers from the only bus-stop near to his work-back and forth. Its now Freaking Summer in Dubai and the normal weather temperature marks at 40 degrees celcius. Its like any minute you can just get a heatstroke. This makes me think not just about my brother but the rest of the people who are experiencing the same. Here in Dubai labourers work out in the sun everyday and its really painful and hard for them to work properly but they persevere to this heat. This is just a reminder to love what is given to you because there are lots of people around the world that suffers more than a lot of us do.
  • That I get to spend my whole weekends with my Siblings, its a whole weekend of laughter and happiness. I just love being around my siblings, they are my source of happiness!
  • I love that Pacman won over Thurman!


  • A PanPan Stuffed toy from MINISO.—UPDATE–  I also got this one! HAHAHAHA! I was really bugging everyone to buy me this cute little stuffed toy! And because last Sunday was our 6th monthsary He surprised me with this stuffed toy! (Ayie tapos na sya sa Probitionary Month hahaha for regularization na si Sir. Congrats Hahaha!)


SO HERE HE IS! I named him BELUGA! Why? hahahah Coz I was engrossed watching Caviar producing and one of the best Caviar producers are the Beluga Sturgeons, this panda stuffed toy is just like how big and bulky those Beluga sturgeons are!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.37.12
Actuallt he’s Panpan from #webarebears


  • Needing a new Shelves for my Books!
  • Needing a new fitted bedsheets for our bed, and a new comfy folded bed matress–coz yup I love sleep overs and my siblings plus their +1 (bf/gf) comes as well. (Package na yun matic)
  • What else do I need? Maybe just a little more motivation to really get things going! I just had a financial meeting, and I guess I really need to straighten my Finances to be able to do the Financial Pyramid. Are you aware of your Financial Status? Appetite to Risk? Do you have your Emergency Funds? I think you should be doing a research on Financial Literacy. 🙂 Thank me later!


Mood Today

Mood TOday

Good Vibes

Me today


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The Sunday Post- Half of the Year

Hello What’s Up Guys!

Hello Sundayy

I’m back from my Hiatus Status. LOL. (Procrastination at its finest)

I just kinda felt like I need to put back my writing skills into action! No wonder I feel so relentless lately. Indeed, my writing is my way of stress relieving unfortunately I can’t come up with any sense to my writings lately. What happened, you might ask? Maybe I was drown by the work life of Dubai or I was in isolation due to stresses and mid-20’s crisis, or I was just lazy to start picking up that laptop and write my feelings down.

Hey, I miss that motivated Isabel.

Thankfully, I have the right mood and attitude to start this Sunday Post! Let’s see if we can pick one or two good points in this post!



3 Months Lead Time for Schengen Visa Woah, The slots to get an appointment in getting your European Visa would at least need 3-4 weeks processing! So if you are wanting that European tour I guess getting that appointment with VFS here in Dubai might be the first thing off your list! (I want to go to Switzerland for my Annual leave but yeah, like I wish!)

EID AL FITR ESCAPADES-Dream Destinations!  This made me so relaxed! Who doesn’t want to travel out for an unwinding experience right? Best Picks for the upcoming Holiday here in UAE. (Anyone who is kind enough to bring me inside their luggage?)

DeepMind-AI gaming! Click the link! AI gaming with A StarCraft II themed game. Kinda got curios of this article though its kinda hard to understand the whole AI concept.


  • This Sunday Blog! Hooray finally something to be proud of!


This performance of Zephanie from Idol Philippines! A 16-year old Lady that can belt out a full clear high pitcehd voice!!! Where are you getting that Zephanie??

I really did enjoyed her performance!


Its been more than half of the year and I can’t really say I have accomplished anything yet. Psssh, I don’t really know what’s happening with my focus and motivation.
How are you lately? Have you been able to do what you plan for this year?? Any time soon we won’t notice its almost end of the year again, time flies too fast. Yet, I haven’t figured out what I really want to accomplish this year. How messed up is that right?
Well, It’s not yet late for us to be doing what is to be done right guys?
It’s the middle of July, more than half of the year passed like a wind. While this might be the case, its not yet late for us to do something, lets not waste anymore what is left of 2019. Travel to that dream country, work on that artwork, study that Language, look for that fulfilling job, learn a new thing, forgive those who’ve hurt you, Yup, a lot more can be done! I’m with you guys. Never stop we’ll reach that goal anytime soon, in the right time, and the right moment!


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-14 at 15.22.53

This Heavenly Caramel Cheesecake. Urghhh our office really loves to treat their colleagues into too much food~

This is from ATLAS PASTRY DUBAI. I Highly recommend their pastry products, good for giftings and events!


  •  Wishing for a lot of things. But right now, I just wish to see my family in the Philippines.
  • Wishing that I win the Contest for Meraas. I really want to win that badly and make a surprise Birthday celebration for my Sister.


  • That I can find a way to motivate myself and find that Isabel I was before.
  • Hoping to see better results with my work now. I’m struggling still to make my work work out for me.
  • I hope that better days, better life, better things come to all those who are suffering and struggling right now.


I’m wearing this Smile I was blessed to share.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-14 at 15.51.42


  • That I get to surprise Mon Amour for today! Happy 6 Months to us. ❤
  • Loving that I get to visit my sister and brother over the weekends. (I iss hanging out with them.
  • The new house in Deira that we are going to shift! For the record I have transferred home for 8 times already here in Dubai!!! I could open my own Shifting/Mover Company hahaha!
  • Loving that I got free time in work to write this Blog post, its been really busy for me these past few months since I joined my new work. Thankfully, Manager is on leave lol! hahahaha.
  • I love that I am still alive and surviving amidst the struggles and challenging scenarios in my life. I think we should all be thankful and love that fact, Don’t you agree? Life is unexpected and something like this is big blessing already.


  • A PanPan Stuffed toy from MINISO.



  • NEEDING A LOT OF Motivation to EXERCISE. Siguro sa tagal ko nang nagbblog ito talaga never nawala hahaha. Weere to get that drive to push yourself to exercise and eat healthy/dietary food everyday? The last time I had the chance to exercise was when I got my heart broken HAHAHA. #BalikAlindogproject pa kasi yun!
  • New easy recipes to cook! Anyone who’s kind enough to share their easy-to-go recipes at home?




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The Sunday Post-Welcome Back!


It’s been three freaking Months since the last Sunday post that I made! 

What a bummer!

You know why?

Life has been good and bad at me at the same time!

Hoho How did that happened? So I got to travel to Maldives for cheap! Which is Good right, Lost my job after so that is bad, then kinda down lately and wanted to go back to my home country for good–Bad vibes, was crying a lot, then found a Job again!–Hooray to this good thing but have to part ways with my siblings since I have to shift homes since new work is far so kind bad though… and yup a lot more!

So let’s get it on and gonna share what happened lately!



  • Articles on this Topic

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 11.21.16 AM

How to NOT procrastinate? After all the dilemmas after losing my Job I didn’t get much time to study and finish my subjects this term. I only have till end of the month. Still 9 chapters to finish. Gosh, need some big time motivation!


  • This Sunday Blog (Which is really refreshing to me, Its really been a long time since I get to express myself through writing)
  • To do list for my work (Which Half of it I already finished! Hooray!)
  • To do list for my personal agenda (Which I haven’t started at all)


What I am listening lately? Random music auditions from Idol Philippines! It really amazes me how talented Filipinos are! (Too bad I wasn’t blessed to have such talent, anyhow I do appreciate their God-given talent for Music!) 

Good luck to all aspiring talents in this Competition!

Meanwhile, this is one of my favs among other auditionees


Oh I just want to share to you guys what commenced for the past few weeks!
Happiest birthday to My Twinnie! No budget, but still pulled off a nice Birthday Surprise for this Boy! Huhuhu hindi na kita baby, baby ka na ng iba. Shocks!
Its my Birthday Month! Even though I lost my job last month and was thinking of my finances for the days to come, I was still blessed that I get to celebrate my Birthday with the people I love! They even surprised me with lots of food, gifts and greetings. I may be struggling with job hunting but I was given people I know would not leave me on times of despair. Thank you siblings and Mon Amour!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ramadan Kareem everyone, its the Holy month of Ramadan now.

We respect our Muslim brother and sister by not eating and drinking in Public.



  • That I survived on my new Job. Honestly, my new work is so challenging and demanding and it really drains me down every after working hours hahahah! If only I can survived this…
  • For everyone to stay strong amidst all the problems and difficulties that many are trying to struggle with.
  • Wishing for a new phone hahah my phone is dying on me lately.


  • That today and the coming days will be much better.
  • Hoping to change my laziness into something really good, better, productive and everything that is not about being lazy hahahah!
  • Hoping to manage my time, work, and my studies.


I really love what I am wearing right now!

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 2.39.00 PM



  • The fact that my work is different from all the work I had before and its kinda refreshing and challenging!
  • Loving my new home. ❤
  • Loving that I get to write again and found that spark to write and share my thoughts to the outside world again.
  • Loving that I am blessed more than I deserve. (Be grateful always for the things we are given, challenges we are facing, the time we are spending, the feelings we have felt, and for a lot more things in life that are intangible.)
  • Loving me new friends, my real friends, and the family I have here and back in the Philippines. (let us always be thankful for their presence in our life.)


  • A new phone!
  • A carpet, bean bags, Book shelves or a rack!
  • To visit a Flea Market. (Last Friday I saw one at JLT Area, I was already there but missed the chance to get to see it! Tsk.)


  • time to study how complicated excel sheet works hahaha LOL
  • Some time to do the usual things I love to do suchh as (going to random coffee shops and just sip a nice green tea with mint and talk to someone close to me about weird and random things, explore new places, cook again, and many more. MY WORK IS REALLY NOT MAKING ME DO THESE THINGS T_T)
  • Peace of mind? or a way to stop myself from overthinking.



I feel so relieved to have found a new job that encourages me to grow with them.

I feel happy to find myself being independent again. (no Offense to my sibs I love you both!)

I feel great to be doing what I love without compromising anyone’s happiness or so? (Actually, as far as I know that is.)


Feeling great for Dubai Summer 

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 11.22.14 AM


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