Sunday Currently

Hi Dearest friends, I am finally back to writing my Sunday Blog!

I just went for few months of procrastination. (Sucks to be lazy) I know, I know, I am also looking for what I lost—My Motivation! 

Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil what motivates me today to write hahaha! Its been so long since I get to write what happened to me fro the past few weeks or months to be exact.

Fortunately, I have the time now!

Let’s kinda enjoy this wonderful Sunday guys!




This and that. I am not moving on from my articles for my reaction paper for my MBA. But anyhow, I’m happy almost there reaching that Tassel and Degree! Gambatte Kudasai self! It’s gonna be a good end of the year if you surpass the storm of your exams hahaha! (I know for some they just started their term at their respective schools! How’s Highschool and College life guys?  Enjoy while it last coz adulting is so so so much demanding than your terror professor!)

anyhow, sharing these two interesting Articles:

A journal on Operations Management: “System Dynamics perspectives and modeling opprotunities for research in Operations Management.”


Cisco Services Helps Lower TCO for Cisco IT (I really think my professor is a major in IT I keep on getting IT articles for my reaction papers)

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-29 at 09.30.50


This once in a blue moon Blog. (I will try my best to do a follow up if I get the best of myself in these coming days hahahaha! In short, I will try not to be lazy)


Whilst, I am fan of Elaine Duran since the beginning of her journey with TNT, I was stunned by John Mark on his 3 final songs for TNT Championship. I just can’t get enough of his performance. He brought these OPM songs to a greater level. A man of Talent indeed!


Okay so this is gonna be a Long one.

For the last years I was in Dubai, I learned a lot on how people behaved. It’s a cliché to say but, “People come and go” is the best way to explain what I felt for the last 5 years here in UAE.

I became close to people of different culture and race, Say Hello and Goodbye as they soon depart form this sand pit land.

It is also the same with my fellow Filipino friends.

While there are goodbyes to remember, Unfortunately, there are that you have to let go and better never remember. There are times that these friendship you thought to be real, are just so fake that it becomes too good to be true.

For example, I had a 12 years friendship that I just ended cutting ties with. Because it was too painful to shoulder such person in my life. Who have been giving a lot of negativity in and making me thought of bad things towards her due to her actions and attitude. You will really never know what a person could be after he/she experienced a life, for us maybe being an OFW really changes a person’s attitude and behavior. Especially, for her who don’t have a family here to lean on. Being strong and keeping her self interest was the best she could do to survive here. But that made our friendship ended. I cannot deal anymore with her inconsiderations of me and my family. It might be painful now that I took a different path for our friendship but this is the only way for me to finally be free of stress and negativity.

Most of the Filipinos here in Dubai tend to have a mindset of “FIRST SELF” which I failed to do so for the last 5 years. HAHAHA Yup, you might call me stupid for being too trustful, too generous, or too kind to some people who have used me, made fool of me, or just wanted something from me. Well, I just have this principle in life that whatever other people do to you let it not take away who you are. Do not change the way you have treated everyone from the start just because they don’t treat you the same. Kindness is not something you ask for something in return. It is something we do and give because its the right thing to do.

If people take advantage of your kindness, let it be, it doesn’t changed the fact that you are kind, it just shows what kind of people they are for doing such act.

So you might ask? Then how will you learn to value yourself?

You see, valuing yourself is not how people see you, It’s how you see yourself.

If you still see yourself being that kind, generous, and same person you was, and it makes you feel happy and good, then don’t change.

Let your genuine feelings change the people around you.

Because no matter what you do you can’t actually impress or change everyone as much as you want. Then why make the hassle to change yourself just to let people learn their lessons? Let karma do that for you, because if you have met people who have taken advantage of you and made a fool out of you, or worst— have hurt your feelings, just think of this: Life is balanced. There would also be people who are watching you and appreciating the genuine you. They are just around you so don’t fret on the people who you have invested your true feelings and eventually wasted it. You will still be surrounded by the right people, if not now sooner or later. Or you might not just noticed it but they are THERE, supporting you all these time.

Advise to anyone reading this:

Smile, be kind, be yourself, do not let the negativity of others changed that optimistic you. Let go of the people who are negative to you and negative to themselves.

Spread the word, Spread #Goodvibes



Oh I had a nice breakfast courtesy of Nyka Ancheta! My sweet little sister to be. Haha! Thank you brother’s girlfriend for prepping up our breakfast! It was tasty!

I had home made Tuna Sandwhich and a nice cup of cafe latte!


Office Attire. (Classic Black slacks and my Long sleeves tucked, paired with flat shoes to make my life comfy)

It’s Sunday and its the first week of the day for us here who are working in GCC countries.


  • Wishing to get to finish packing and shifting to our new house.
  • Wishing to finish my reaction papers on time ahahahaha


  • I hope and pray that my mom gets better.  She’s been sick lately. I’m really worried.
  • Hoping to get more enrollees for Filipino Institute! Hey guys might want to enroll for Batch 12 of Filipino Institute-JLT Campus! Calling Calling my fellow Kabayans!


Click here to further details: Filipino Institute-JLT Campus


  • My Bff in the Philippines, Hello Shoutout to Hillay Gaspar! ❤
  • Loving my siblings ❤
  • Loving myself more than I did before. I learned the 80% 20% rule of love.
  • That I still genuine friends that supports me.
  • I love my Mom and Dad! (Hey don’t forget to tell your parents how much you love them everyday!)


This two Ikea Items for our new Home:

Ikea Bissa Shoerack and Ikea Lote Drawers!

Anyone who wants to donate or buy me these? 😀


When its your first day of period…

crime scene

and you still have to go to work..


Fortunately, I am still in this vibes:

how to start the week
This is how to Start your Day!




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The Sunday Post-Hello Sunday


It’s Another new Sunday post from me! Yup, Finally getting this good vibes and motivation to write again!! (Kampai to me!!)

So today’s agenda is to share what commenced the whole weekends. Though its not gonna save Earth or solve half of the world’s problem, Unfortunately, this is just a simple Blog of a simple person who just wants to express herself!

To those who are confined of Social Media Criticism, this flat form has been my escape to the eyes of those people. I write what I want and what I feel. I guess I can share this to you guys! I highly recommend you to write and express your life, make this your daily/weekly E-Diary!

Even no one reads this, I believed that It helped me cope up with a lot of struggles I faced these past few years. Sometimes this same flat form served as a friend to me.

Okay, so before I get emotional with this, lets just have a sweet Sunday Post here!



Arson Attack of Kyoto Animation Studio I have been a fan of Anime way way back 12345678910 years, and Kyoto Animation has been a mind blowing producer of Sugoi (Sugoi is the Japanese word for Amazing!) Anime Series since then! Thus, it’s really painful to see that their are lives gone for good, and work of arts that will never be replaced. I mourn for the losses of those families lost their loveones in this tragedy.

Below are some of the Anime I have watched under Kyoto Animation!

  • Clannad (Super Classic!)
  • Koe No Katachi
  • Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai (I wondered what was your Secret Identity when you were a child? HAHAHA!)
  • K-On!! (One of my favorites! when I have 0 talent when it comes to Music! But hey I know how to be so funny!)
  • Amagi Birlliant Park (This is one heck of an Anime! The best! HAHAHA! This just made me believed that if you want to work things out for a bankcrupt business—  will, passion, hardwork, teamwork and yeah a lot of sarcasm and criticism must be acquired!)
  • Full metal Panic (One Classic Anime that made me and my siblings laugh our hearts out because of Sagara! How to be a simple highschooler for a Soldier? Learn the basics from SAGARA~)
  • Tamako Market (One cute Anime that me and my Sister loved so much!) 


  • This Beautiful Sunday Blog to share with you everyone!


These three kids are just so amazing! I wish I could sing even one proper song, but yup I can’t have it all! HAHAHA.

They are the TNT boys! or the Tawag ng Tanghalan Boys, they were discovered in the Tawag ng Tanghalan singing competition in Showtime, thus the name was formed.

Anyhow, they are just the cutest little creatures right now on my Blog hahaha!



  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Future plans
  • Goals to achieve and on process
  • My relationship with God
  • My relationship with my Family, its getting better than ever.
  • My relationship with Mon Amour-Its getting into its “Away Bati” moment.
  • My relationship with my friends–Trying to reach out to them again after I had isolated myself from for some time.
  • Thinking of redesigning my house over the weekends.
  • Thinking of my MBA and other ways for me to get certifications and further studies–I just love exploring and developing my knowledge. While I’m still young and able, I’ll do my best to do that, That’s my sole gift to myself.
  • Food
  • Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.
  • Ways to get slimmer without exercising yet eating too much? Any Miracle to suggest? HAHAHAHAHA
  • My family in the Philippines. I just missed my Mom and Dad Badly, I just want to give them the good life they deserved.
  • Thinking how can I achieved all the things I wanted in life? for my Family? for muy love ones? I’m really in my 20’s dilemma right now.


I’m eating the most expensive cake on Earth?

Chaaaaar! Hahaha

It’s my workmates Birthday and we surprised her with this

Classy LV cake!

I just learned that LV does not taste like leather but its kinda chocolatey! HAHAHA

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 15.23.37


  • Wishing that I win the Contest for Meraas. I really want to win that badly and make a surprise Birthday celebration for my Sister. This was my wish last Sunday Post—UPDATE— I WON THE CONTEST! AND WE ARE GOING FOR A NICE DINNER ON MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY AND DO A SHOPPING GALORE AT SEPHORA FOR HER! (My Mantra went well for this one, But hey I know God made a little magic happened there!)
  • I just wish everyone to have a Great Sunday!


  • That I can be of help to others who I can reach easily. Right now, I know I’m not that capable to help a great number of people but I know on my simple ways I can help those around me, the people I encounter everyday, or those who are meant to meet me.
  • Hoping to finally finish my term this month. No more extension please, its gettinge expensive to finish my studies. Anyone who’s kind enough to finance me? Hahahaha


This Snake Designed Flat shoes from Beira Rio-Conforto one of my newly added Flats!

I love Flatshoes! But I’m also a heels lover.

Oh by the way this is just one of the Pairs of Shoes I WON from @shoes4usofficial

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.10.54

I actually won 5 pairs of Shoes! I shared this with my siblings so they get to pick pairs of shoes as well! Lucky Us!

Me joining a lot of contests and competitions can sustain my material needs without spending a penny! Hahahah Charoot. How I wish!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.11.03.jpeg


  • That my brother finally got that Electric Scooter he wants! He wanted it not just because its just the trend now. My brother walks like 3 kilometers from the only bus-stop near to his work-back and forth. Its now Freaking Summer in Dubai and the normal weather temperature marks at 40 degrees celcius. Its like any minute you can just get a heatstroke. This makes me think not just about my brother but the rest of the people who are experiencing the same. Here in Dubai labourers work out in the sun everyday and its really painful and hard for them to work properly but they persevere to this heat. This is just a reminder to love what is given to you because there are lots of people around the world that suffers more than a lot of us do.
  • That I get to spend my whole weekends with my Siblings, its a whole weekend of laughter and happiness. I just love being around my siblings, they are my source of happiness!
  • I love that Pacman won over Thurman!


  • A PanPan Stuffed toy from MINISO.—UPDATE–  I also got this one! HAHAHAHA! I was really bugging everyone to buy me this cute little stuffed toy! And because last Sunday was our 6th monthsary He surprised me with this stuffed toy! (Ayie tapos na sya sa Probitionary Month hahaha for regularization na si Sir. Congrats Hahaha!)

SO HERE HE IS! I named him BELUGA! Why? hahahah Coz I was engrossed watching Caviar producing and one of the best Caviar producers are the Beluga Sturgeons, this panda stuffed toy is just like how big and bulky those Beluga sturgeons are!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 16.37.12
Actuallt he’s Panpan from #webarebears


  • Needing a new Shelves for my Books!
  • Needing a new fitted bedsheets for our bed, and a new comfy folded bed matress–coz yup I love sleep overs and my siblings plus their +1 (bf/gf) comes as well. (Package na yun matic)
  • What else do I need? Maybe just a little more motivation to really get things going! I just had a financial meeting, and I guess I really need to straighten my Finances to be able to do the Financial Pyramid. Are you aware of your Financial Status? Appetite to Risk? Do you have your Emergency Funds? I think you should be doing a research on Financial Literacy. 🙂 Thank me later!


Mood Today

Mood TOday

Good Vibes

Me today


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The Sunday Post- Half of the Year

Hello What’s Up Guys!

Hello Sundayy

I’m back from my Hiatus Status. LOL. (Procrastination at its finest)

I just kinda felt like I need to put back my writing skills into action! No wonder I feel so relentless lately. Indeed, my writing is my way of stress relieving unfortunately I can’t come up with any sense to my writings lately. What happened, you might ask? Maybe I was drown by the work life of Dubai or I was in isolation due to stresses and mid-20’s crisis, or I was just lazy to start picking up that laptop and write my feelings down.

Hey, I miss that motivated Isabel.

Thankfully, I have the right mood and attitude to start this Sunday Post! Let’s see if we can pick one or two good points in this post!



3 Months Lead Time for Schengen Visa Woah, The slots to get an appointment in getting your European Visa would at least need 3-4 weeks processing! So if you are wanting that European tour I guess getting that appointment with VFS here in Dubai might be the first thing off your list! (I want to go to Switzerland for my Annual leave but yeah, like I wish!)

EID AL FITR ESCAPADES-Dream Destinations!  This made me so relaxed! Who doesn’t want to travel out for an unwinding experience right? Best Picks for the upcoming Holiday here in UAE. (Anyone who is kind enough to bring me inside their luggage?)

DeepMind-AI gaming! Click the link! AI gaming with A StarCraft II themed game. Kinda got curios of this article though its kinda hard to understand the whole AI concept.


  • This Sunday Blog! Hooray finally something to be proud of!


This performance of Zephanie from Idol Philippines! A 16-year old Lady that can belt out a full clear high pitcehd voice!!! Where are you getting that Zephanie??

I really did enjoyed her performance!


Its been more than half of the year and I can’t really say I have accomplished anything yet. Psssh, I don’t really know what’s happening with my focus and motivation.
How are you lately? Have you been able to do what you plan for this year?? Any time soon we won’t notice its almost end of the year again, time flies too fast. Yet, I haven’t figured out what I really want to accomplish this year. How messed up is that right?
Well, It’s not yet late for us to be doing what is to be done right guys?
It’s the middle of July, more than half of the year passed like a wind. While this might be the case, its not yet late for us to do something, lets not waste anymore what is left of 2019. Travel to that dream country, work on that artwork, study that Language, look for that fulfilling job, learn a new thing, forgive those who’ve hurt you, Yup, a lot more can be done! I’m with you guys. Never stop we’ll reach that goal anytime soon, in the right time, and the right moment!


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-14 at 15.22.53

This Heavenly Caramel Cheesecake. Urghhh our office really loves to treat their colleagues into too much food~

This is from ATLAS PASTRY DUBAI. I Highly recommend their pastry products, good for giftings and events!


  •  Wishing for a lot of things. But right now, I just wish to see my family in the Philippines.
  • Wishing that I win the Contest for Meraas. I really want to win that badly and make a surprise Birthday celebration for my Sister.


  • That I can find a way to motivate myself and find that Isabel I was before.
  • Hoping to see better results with my work now. I’m struggling still to make my work work out for me.
  • I hope that better days, better life, better things come to all those who are suffering and struggling right now.


I’m wearing this Smile I was blessed to share.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-14 at 15.51.42


  • That I get to surprise Mon Amour for today! Happy 6 Months to us. ❤
  • Loving that I get to visit my sister and brother over the weekends. (I iss hanging out with them.
  • The new house in Deira that we are going to shift! For the record I have transferred home for 8 times already here in Dubai!!! I could open my own Shifting/Mover Company hahaha!
  • Loving that I got free time in work to write this Blog post, its been really busy for me these past few months since I joined my new work. Thankfully, Manager is on leave lol! hahahaha.
  • I love that I am still alive and surviving amidst the struggles and challenging scenarios in my life. I think we should all be thankful and love that fact, Don’t you agree? Life is unexpected and something like this is big blessing already.


  • A PanPan Stuffed toy from MINISO.


  • NEEDING A LOT OF Motivation to EXERCISE. Siguro sa tagal ko nang nagbblog ito talaga never nawala hahaha. Weere to get that drive to push yourself to exercise and eat healthy/dietary food everyday? The last time I had the chance to exercise was when I got my heart broken HAHAHA. #BalikAlindogproject pa kasi yun!
  • New easy recipes to cook! Anyone who’s kind enough to share their easy-to-go recipes at home?




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The Sunday Post-Welcome Back!


It’s been three freaking Months since the last Sunday post that I made! 

What a bummer!

You know why?

Life has been good and bad at me at the same time!

Hoho How did that happened? So I got to travel to Maldives for cheap! Which is Good right, Lost my job after so that is bad, then kinda down lately and wanted to go back to my home country for good–Bad vibes, was crying a lot, then found a Job again!–Hooray to this good thing but have to part ways with my siblings since I have to shift homes since new work is far so kind bad though… and yup a lot more!

So let’s get it on and gonna share what happened lately!



  • Articles on this Topic

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 11.21.16 AM

How to NOT procrastinate? After all the dilemmas after losing my Job I didn’t get much time to study and finish my subjects this term. I only have till end of the month. Still 9 chapters to finish. Gosh, need some big time motivation!


  • This Sunday Blog (Which is really refreshing to me, Its really been a long time since I get to express myself through writing)
  • To do list for my work (Which Half of it I already finished! Hooray!)
  • To do list for my personal agenda (Which I haven’t started at all)


What I am listening lately? Random music auditions from Idol Philippines! It really amazes me how talented Filipinos are! (Too bad I wasn’t blessed to have such talent, anyhow I do appreciate their God-given talent for Music!) 

Good luck to all aspiring talents in this Competition!

Meanwhile, this is one of my favs among other auditionees


Oh I just want to share to you guys what commenced for the past few weeks!
Happiest birthday to My Twinnie! No budget, but still pulled off a nice Birthday Surprise for this Boy! Huhuhu hindi na kita baby, baby ka na ng iba. Shocks!
Its my Birthday Month! Even though I lost my job last month and was thinking of my finances for the days to come, I was still blessed that I get to celebrate my Birthday with the people I love! They even surprised me with lots of food, gifts and greetings. I may be struggling with job hunting but I was given people I know would not leave me on times of despair. Thank you siblings and Mon Amour!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ramadan Kareem everyone, its the Holy month of Ramadan now.

We respect our Muslim brother and sister by not eating and drinking in Public.



  • That I survived on my new Job. Honestly, my new work is so challenging and demanding and it really drains me down every after working hours hahahah! If only I can survived this…
  • For everyone to stay strong amidst all the problems and difficulties that many are trying to struggle with.
  • Wishing for a new phone hahah my phone is dying on me lately.


  • That today and the coming days will be much better.
  • Hoping to change my laziness into something really good, better, productive and everything that is not about being lazy hahahah!
  • Hoping to manage my time, work, and my studies.


I really love what I am wearing right now!

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 2.39.00 PM



  • The fact that my work is different from all the work I had before and its kinda refreshing and challenging!
  • Loving my new home. ❤
  • Loving that I get to write again and found that spark to write and share my thoughts to the outside world again.
  • Loving that I am blessed more than I deserve. (Be grateful always for the things we are given, challenges we are facing, the time we are spending, the feelings we have felt, and for a lot more things in life that are intangible.)
  • Loving me new friends, my real friends, and the family I have here and back in the Philippines. (let us always be thankful for their presence in our life.)


  • A new phone!
  • A carpet, bean bags, Book shelves or a rack!
  • To visit a Flea Market. (Last Friday I saw one at JLT Area, I was already there but missed the chance to get to see it! Tsk.)


  • time to study how complicated excel sheet works hahaha LOL
  • Some time to do the usual things I love to do suchh as (going to random coffee shops and just sip a nice green tea with mint and talk to someone close to me about weird and random things, explore new places, cook again, and many more. MY WORK IS REALLY NOT MAKING ME DO THESE THINGS T_T)
  • Peace of mind? or a way to stop myself from overthinking.



I feel so relieved to have found a new job that encourages me to grow with them.

I feel happy to find myself being independent again. (no Offense to my sibs I love you both!)

I feel great to be doing what I love without compromising anyone’s happiness or so? (Actually, as far as I know that is.)


Feeling great for Dubai Summer 

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-19 at 11.22.14 AM


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My little Grateful Heart

Hi it’s been a long time since I wrote anything on my page. 

I think it has been two months since the last post.

I miss writing, I miss telling you guys what went on my day, or my week, or the things I wanted to share to inspire or inform others.

That is why I suddenly wanted to pour out my heart’s content for this post, thus, the Title was made.

I hope you can read this one and be able to share to me and to other people your grateful heart.

I wanted to share to everyone things that I was and still grateful for. These past two months a lot of things happened, depressing, unfortunate and a lot more saddening things. But amidst those things, I was able to see that I’m more grateful than I was before. I wanted to share to you list of things, people, and scenarios that I am grateful to experience, witness and feel in my everyday life.

I am grateful for:

  • I wake up this morning!
  • I get to eat 3 meals in a day or more! (Thank you for the Food!)
  • I get to pray and attend the Mass. Happy Easter! He is risen!
  • I saw a baby’s Smile Last night at the Church
  • I get to study today! Kampai! Go Go MBA!
  • I got good friends to talk to, laugh and cry when I’m down. #Crazinessatitsfinest
  • I get to see the Sun, Moon, Clouds, and Feel the air. I’m thankful for Mother Nature!
  • I get to see my plant “Sunny” blooming again after it almost died after two days it was given to me. OMG huhuhu sorry love, I’m trying to revived the plant! hahahaha!
  • I have clothes to wear on winter, summer, and spring (ay joke wala palang spring here sa Dubai hahaha!)
  • My Phone still works! I can still call my love ones from Dubai to Manila! (And join a lot of contest!HAHAHA)
  • I still get to win competitions/contests on social media! #contesera
  • I was able to talk to my love ones in the Philippines (I badly miss them!)
  • I get to write this blog after a long time of being down, lazy and busy.
  • I got a new Job after I was dismissed from my previous work! New work, new environment, new challenges, new learning!
  • I found a new house near my office that is homey, and neat. (Though, I have to part ways with my Siblings huhuhu)
  • I am with my sister and brother having fights, laughing out loud on our own mistakes and craziness, supporting each other and loving each other here in this far away country far from our parents and other siblings.
  • I was exercising! yehey! #fitness #health
  • I finally able to farm and help our farmers! I was able to invest on our farmers in the Philippines! I dream come true! #Farminglife
  • I shared some giveaways as a sign of giving back for all the blessings I received (though it is not enough to measure how grateful I am!) (join here for my giveaway! Giveback Giveaway!)
  • I was able to see a cute dogs and cats and all sorts of animals on my news feed ❤
  • I am thankful that I was able to handle my problems day by day.
  • Super Super Thankful that my Parents are still alive!
  • I am thankful for the love I received these past few months after getting my heart broken. It was worth the break, Hahaha! My heart is so happy and thankful to open up again and believed in Love again.
  • I am thankful for the everyday scolding I get from my sister, it shapes me to be a better person and learn from my mistakes.
  • I am thankful that I worry about small things
  • I am thankful, that I know how to be grateful for all the things that I experience, whether its challenging or good. The feeling of being grateful is a gift. I thank God for letting me feel grateful and blessed for everything I had in life.

Well, to be honest these are just  things I’m thankful for for the last few weeks. I can’t really say everything that happened they are just so overwhelming, but What I am sure of is that I’m blessed and grateful for it!

I hope the one reading this can find things to be happy and thankful for in your everyday life. A scenario, a thing, a person, an event, a thought, and idea, a poem, an artist, an idol, your children, your family, your wife/husband, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your feelings, and everything that is good and makes you feel happy, please do consider it as a blessing to be grateful for. Don’t take it for granted. Not all experience what we can, what we have, and what is to come. So make the most out of it and have a grateful heart!

So what are you thankful for?

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-22 at 4.47.21 PM
Smile, be genuinely happy, explore, experience life in a way you don’t have to pretend, but most importantly Thank the creator for everything that was given to you and will be given to you.

The Sunday Post-Update

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Haalu kihineh?

These two phrases means; Hello and How are you!

These are from the Language of the next Country I am going to Travel!

Can you Guess where?


Anyhow, I hope everyone is enjoying there Sunday!

For the mean time, here’s just a little update on my Sunday post!



  • Articles about CAPEX, OPEX and Capital Structure. My finals are coming up and seriously, I’m having problems doing the whole Final requirement. Any Accountant to help me please?
  • How to Bust the Bad Vibes! = Well, reading these things I can say I like the 10-Minute Fixes. 😀


  • This Sunday Blog.
  • To do list, which basically I always can’t complete at all.


Favorite song of Mon Amour.

214 By Rivermaya!


  • Of the new terminologies I learned such as Eunoia: which means Beautiful Thinking. Oh trivia! its the only English word in the Dictionary that has the five English vowels! And Gristly,  and Deprecatory, and Gullet!
  • Thinking of what exactly to do with my Finals??? Susko ang hirap po talaga 😦 Nakakaiyak.
  • Of what to eat later for lunch.
  • Thinking why I’m so irritable.
  • Thinking why I’m having a bad mood early in the morning..UNTIL NOW.
  • Thinking of the Saforteza Family. Miss ko na dumalaw sakanila. 
  • Tsaka yung Parents ko, How are they na kaya? Pati Babysister ko.
  • Thinking if this blog post makes sense at all? I’m too lazy, not in the mood, trying my bets to accomplish something even this one. But I’m really thinking is this even considered productive? I’m not sure anymore. I just want to write and express my thoughts and feelings. This is my outlet.





  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!
  • To win the #VirginMegastore Giveaway!


  • For better days, better mood, better me in these coming days.
  • Hoping for good news to arrived. Though, I’m not really sure what I am waiting for. But, I’m highly hoping for positive things right now.
  • Mas maging okay na yung pakiramdam ko. I’m not used as well to being so down and lethargic.


I might be in a bad mood but it doesn’t have to be the same with what I wear. LOL

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 2.06.32 PM



  • I’m still alive, and getting this chance to write and rant and express my thoughts and emotions. (Yup, wasting my precious chance with life.)
  • I had a wonderful weekend (Including Valentines Day!)
  • I am 5 days away from my next travel.


  • Craving for some unknown food. 
  • Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon
  • To cuddle.
  • TO cuddle.


  • to be calm. I’m so irritated. I keep on getting pissed off easily.
  • not to be sarcastic to anyone right now.
  • A diversion. I’m really not in the mood right now and I need to divert my mind into something else.


Feeling all down because of the rainy weather today. I really dislike rains when I’m not at home. Going to work while raining is a hassle. The Gloomy weather affects my mood as well. The wet road pisses me off.

feeling down


Everyone seems to make me mad.



Then, I can really feel how I’m so weak and no energy to do anything at all. I really want to go home cuddle my comforter and just sleep.

nor energy







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The Sunday Post- FEB-IBIG!

Hello Guys!

Yes,I know right its been a looooooooong Sunday since the last time I posted my Sunday blog! 

Reasons may be:

A.) Hiatus because of too much work.

B.) I was busy with my MBA, since finals is coming

C.) I was busy with spending time with my Siblings (too much going out with them hahaha) 

D.) Buys enjoying time with Mon Amour.

or E.) All of the above.

HAHA obviously, the answer is E!

I had a lot of fun and busy days that I can’t come up with a proper blog post! Or I was just so lazy hahaha #relatekayo ?

Anyhow, here is my Sunday share of thoughts for the mean time! Have a read because I might take a long time again before I get to post another one…well, one with sense of course!



  • Update on the Papal Visit here in UAE: (Today February 03, 2019 at 10PM, UAE time Pope Francis will be arriving at Abu Dhabi Airport! In line with the year of Tolerance, UAE Government is welcoming the highest Catholic leader and have him perform masses for all Catholics!) Click here for updates: Papal Mass
  • Manila Bay Clean-up follow-up news (Epic Fail hahaha! As of February 03, Sunday, Ginawang Paliguan ng mga Pinoy sa Manila yung manila Bay hahaha! just days after it was cleaned! LOL)
  • Brexit-Update: Still on reads for this event. Well, as an IR student before I can’t keep my self from reading this and how it will affect the whole of EU. Pero yung totoo si Queen ang inuna hahaha. Click here for the news.


  • This Sunday Blog. I’m trying to f i n i s h.
  • Enrollment report for Filipino Institute. Uy enroll na kayo! Open pa kami for Enrollment!
  • My Case Study for the final requirement for my MBA subject. Juskoday. Matapos ko sana. Nakakaiyak po.
  • To-Do-List for today!


This is my L.S.S. for the week! This is caused by the #BuwanChallenge circulating on Facebook! It made me laugh a lot and got stuck on my mind lol! But, really this is a good song.



That it’s been a good start of 2019 for me.

That it’s February now. ITS FEBRUARY!!!!

Meaning V-DAY is coming! ❤ #excited

So..I am thinking what are the usual date/gift ideas of men to towards their love ones?


  • Idate si GF sa Ihawan, pakakainin ko ng isaw, dugo, adidas, lechugas! 
  • Another is, Bibigyan ko ng artificial flowers para hindi mamamatay tulad ng pagmamahal ko sakanya hindi mamamatay. Long lasting!
  • Isusurprise ko sya by, not giving her anything on Valentines day! Surprise! #tipidgoalsforthefuture 
  • I will buy her the most expensive dinner, give her a bouquet of flowers, I will be giving her a Pandora bracelet, or maybe a promise ring, or a necklace engraved with her name. Then mga 6-months kang hindi kakain kasi naubos savings mo to impress her.
  • Or you can just prepare a nice dinner (cooking it yourself, prepping her favorite dish) then buy maybe chocolates but not so expensive, flowers? yes its a must. But it doesnt have to be expensive as well. Kahit one rose lang tapos with matching letter mas sweet pa yun kesa sa sandamakmak na bulaklak. 
  • Ittreat ko sa Dinner mama and ate ko or my sister since hindi lang naman gf ang dapat nakakaranas na special sila on Valentines day.


Favorite Snack. YumYum!

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-03 at 12.18.20 PM.jpeg


  • To win the #KeepTicking Challange of TicTacGulf! Support me by Viewing it on my Instagram page @iil02 !
  • To be safe on our travel at the end of the month.
  • That this month would bring lots of love as to what this month is known for. Hahahaha!
  • That summer comes early. (hinihika ako sobra sa lamig ng weather)


  • For the safety and success for all those who will be part of the Papal Mass on February 3-5.
  • For my leave to be approved! (Update: Approved na!)
  • For better days for everyone.  (Smile! Its not a bad life, just a bad day.)
  • That All will be well.


Below the knee length dress in African designed prints. While I wear stiletto  black heels to match its sophistication.

Okay almost lang na ganyan hahahah! 



That I have a lot of people to be thankful and happy to love! Since its FEB-IBIG month!


  • To win Badly that TicTacgulf challenge! We did an awesome awesome funny video about it and so proud of it that it deserve to win!
  • I want to visit my family friends in Sharjah 😦 I miss playing with Kiarapot and eating the dishes cooked by Madu. T_T
  • to lose weight even just a two or three kilos would be really helpful. I miss running. Summer will you please come early?


  • Massage? Spa? New Haircut?
  • Hugs and Kisses from my niece! I miss my almost daughter niece hahahha!
  • Swimsuits? Sabi ni ate ko need ko daw yun sa next Travel ko!
  • Motivation to finish my finals today! Maybe milk tea would be good!

Milk tea


  • Happy to find myself again after losing it so much.
  • Contented with the love and care I’m getting everyday of my life.
  • Excited for my next travel destination!
  • Slightly motivated kasi may study session ako later. LOL


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Welcome sa lugar na pinupuntahan ng mga iniwan…Taiwan!

Welcome to the country I love next to Paris.

This blog is dedicated to my unexpected travel to the Asian country of Taiwan. Please bare with all the sudden hugots, since I decided to go here to unwind, relax, and let my heart rest after a heartbreak. Charrette!

TAIWAN-nan mo na lang ang lahat at magpakalibang!

Baka naiwan ka? halika sa Taiwan!


If ever I disappoint you on what is written here I apologize but this is not just a travel blog but a personal blog for me.

But, as this post goes on I’ll share to you the places I went even though I don’t have the exact full-proof Itinerary !

Viola! Enjoy!

Life has so much to offer, explore and see it for yourself!

I made a booking to this country since we Filipinos are not required to obtain visa to enter Taiwan.  I grabbed the opportunity and there fly away I came to this place and boy! I never regret doing it!


Short Epic Story: Since I didn’t planned this tour (Tulad ng paano ko hindi plinano mahulog sayo), I went there without actually checking everything! Including—exchanging Dirhams (UAE Currency) to Taiwanese Dollar.

I only have Dirhams with me, and I’m stuck at the airport because no single currency exchange center would accept DIRHAMS. My Goodness!!!!!! (Of course my fault haha) Doomsday! I don’t know how I will go to my Hotel! Even the cashiers at their train station won’t accept Credit/Debit Cards to purchase train tickets. CASH ONLY POLICY! (Oh alam niyo na wag po gumaya sakin magpalit na po kayo sa pinakamalapit na exchange center sa home country nyo or sa Airport ng home country nyo)

I arrived 5pm at Taiwan Taoyuan International Aiport. I’m supposed to be at my hotel before 6pm. But it’s 8PM and yet I’m still at the train station contemplating on life…should I start walking to get to my hotel or Kaliwali! Let’s just go straight home to the Philippines hahahah! Nah, Just Kidding! Seriously, I wasn’t even panicking at that time and I dunno why?  Those who we’re panicking for me are all in Dubai. LOL! Sorry, I was at my I-don’t-care mode at that moment because going on a panic mode won’t help at all!! Smiling face pa ako nun sa train station just observing other tourists on what are they doing there baka katulad ko rin sila wala pamasahe hahaha!

But really, Thank you to those who helped me by sending money for me to get cash! (Embarrassment level 1000!! At least I know there are people willing to help me on my worst days. Hindi tulad nung kakilala ko na iniwan ako sa ere.)

Anyways, Thankfully I arrived safe at my Hotel!

It’s near Taipei Main Station (It’s so convenient for my next days I had because of the accessibility!! Main station—meaning it’s the best way to go around the city by metro! )


Welcome to SleepBox Hotel. This is one of the coziest hostel for backpackers! I love the ambiance and the area where it is full of cool stores and restaurants! In fact, in front of it we’re 7-Eleven, Subway, Starbucks, and a lot more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day is young so I had my Breakfast at Family Mart (They have nice Taiwanese Food! Ready to eat! It’s a convenience store dominant to the streets of Taipei) to jump start my Dora the Explorer escapade!

I went to Taipei Main Station (Which by the way is so big! Like connections of Malls and Station Flat forms as well as stores and stalls!) I’m looking for my way to the Bus stop designated for Klook Bus Tour! (yup I booked a Klook city tour for my first day since I don’t have anything planned and they offer a way to the city with less hassle! I love it! Hop On Hop off city tour!)

 First Day  (Not so Sure itinerary HAHAHA)

1.) First stop Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall! This Hall was made as memorabilia to the General Chiang Kai Shek former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area.

Address:  No. 21號, Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Open till: 6:00PM

P.s.  There’s two or Three really really nice coffee shop and reading area around the Memorial Hall! I even tried one and got featured to there page! Click here to see: Theatre Cafe Taipei

2.) Second Stop is the Iconic Taipei 101! Formerly known as Taipei World Financial Center. The building was designed as a symbol of technology’s evolution fused with Asian tradition. It was the Tallest Building in the world from 2004-2010 until it was out won by Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.

“Babangon ako at dudurugin ka Pose”



How magnificent it is to witness a view like this. Pero I think mas maganda yung “I LabVIEW ko sayo.”

Address: Xinyi Special District, Xinyi District; Taipei, Taiwan

3.) I exhausted my time with all the history tour with CKS Memorial Hall and a bit of Shopping at Taipei 101, Though, I did not go for the observatory tour! Found myself at the Mall near the area and plunge to the nice cafe and tea shop! I just realized oh it’s already night time so I went to my next stop Shilin Night Market! where in I went to get my dinner! 

SHILIN NIGHT MARKET: The biggest Night market in Taipei! 

Address: No. 101號, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Open till: 12AM

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second Day (Not So Sure Itinerary Again!)

  1. Woke up late and I have no Idea where to go so I opted for another Historical tour Welcome to—  Taipei National Palace Museum!

Address: No. 221, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Open till: 6:30PM

(The feeling to be here in these mountainous area was so surreal! I mean a Museum at the top of a Mountain! My heart rejoices! Actually nagsigaw sigaw ako dun eh sa tuktok sabi ko “MAGIGING MASAYA RIN AKO AND BETTER THAN BEFORE!” Where do broken hearts go? Akala ko sa sa SAGADA! (oh panuorin mo yung The Thing Called Tadhana movie ng makarelate ka!) Sa Taiwan pala sa may MUSEUM baga. HAHAHA!

Okay Corny na.

2. My Second Stop was Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall! Unfortunately, The National Museum Palace is far from the city. It would take at least 30 mins travel time from New Taipei. I also got so LUCKY… (feel the sarcasmmmm) that the Bus LEFT me hahaha! So I have to wait for another 30 mins before the next bus arrives. But no worries the  Palace Museum vicinity (especially the Garden area is worth the tour while you wait for the Bus!) And since I was stranded somehow at the Mountain area where the museum was I got to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall at night time! Pardon the Blurry and Dark photos! Plus it was close already when I got there. 😦

SUN YAT SEN MEMORIAL HALL: A memorial to the founder of modern China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built in 1972 as a tribute to the founder of the Republic of China.

Address: No. 505號, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Open till: 6:00PM

3.) Third Stop: Memorial Hall for myself dahil sa kaMARTYRAN ko, joke. Para talaga sa Monumento ng Puso ko na nawasak at pilit na bumabangon. Joke ulit! Actually, Theatre House kung saan pinapalabas yung Lovelife ko na epic fail! HAHAHA

Ito na talaga Third Stop ko! The Red House Theater.

RED HOUSE THEATER: Built in 1908 by the Japanese, this Western-style building and its surrounding square located at Ximending is home to Taipei’s creative and culture industry, hosting exhibitions and performances daily.

The RED HOUSE THEATER got it name because it was made from red bricks. Inside is now a modern mini museum and selection of unique stores.

Address:  No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Open till: 9:30PM

Down to our Third and Last Day!

This time it’s almost time for me to leave this serene place. I got to really enjoy my “Me Time” (for those wondering how come I have pictures as if I was photographed by someone I’m with? well, pakapalan ng face mag ask sa mga other tourist and locals to take a photo of me! Parang kasing kapal ng mukha ng lumandi sa ex ko. dejoke.)

| My third Day was my “kahit-saan-Mapadpad” Day tour! |


I enjoyed so much walking and roaming around areas not included to any  itinerary. I experienced on hand how simple and quiet the life here. I might have not went to other places in Taiwan but these past few days here made my heart at ease.



(This is the very first time in my entire life that I tried being friendly with a local. Palatravel naman po si ako, pero hilig ko ang magsolo, but then again entertaining people or an individual for a nice dinner seems not a bad idea at all! Oh wag kayo nagdinner lang and kwentuhan about life lang kami!)


| Here’s  a short video of what happened! Enjoy! |

To-siā Taiwan! for the awesome experience!

And now Home is where my heart longs for…

Welcome Back to Philippines!


Maybe it was your Eloquence,
or it’s just the syzygy
which made me stuck  into Limerence.

When you speak, it’s mellifluous.
Bringing me back to the epoch of my
blissful youth
You made me feel the oblivion but
with a stint of solitude.

Wishing that this is not the ephemeral
of happiness…

But if then,

I’ll write the best denouement to
worship in eternity what has occurred
But in no doubt I’ll fail because it is indeed

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