The Sunday Blog-New House, New Me Charr!

Hello Feb-Ibig Month na!!! Its the second month of the year na mga beshiecakes! 10 months na lang 2019 na! HAHAHA (Oh diba I’m not so excitedtd na matapos na ang taon!) 

Pero habang February palang let’s enjoy the love in the air.

Oh sa mga walang lovelife, wag tayong bitter, we still have people around us na hindi lang pa umaamin na mahal tayo, relax ka lang, if wala talaga osige ito panuorin mo ang “Status” new commercial ng Jollibee about TRUE LOVE… it doesn’t have to be someone new, or someone else, malay mo ang TRUE LOVE mo andiyan lang sa paligid mo. 🙂

Pero dahil gusto ko manginggit ito oh teaser ng Love life ko. 😀

Anyways let’s get it on, and make my Sunday Productive!




  • This Sunday Blog!
  • A letter to someone
  • A Happy Birthday Letter ❤ Happy FEB-ibig Month.


Cause someone is having a Big crush on Moira so this will be my featured Song for this week. Hay Naku. -_-


How last week was so busy for me. Lipat Bahay, Tapos preparations para sa First Day hi ng School where I’m the Dean. Grabe pressure and dami hanash. Pero kinaya.

Natatawa lang ako about myself and my sister while we are shifting home these past few days. Nung nageempake na ako I didn’t knew I had a lot of things, A LOOOOOT as in a lot!

I mean sabi nga ng sister ko HOARDING daw ako haha, Imagine I’m just 3 years living here in Dubai, but my things build up up to likely 5 years of living na! Hahahaha! plus, parang pang tatlong tao raw gamit ko. We had to go back three times to collect all my things inside a normal car, which can fit a bunch of items, take note JUST MY THINGS wala pa yung kay sister ha!HAHAHAHA!

I think I should reassess myself on the things I buy, kasi I just keep it inside my cabinet for years! ang dami ko tuloy idinonate kasi three years na di ko ginagamit nasa bahay lang.

P.s Hindi pala maganda magipon ng gamit because I can’t let go of it dahil sa thinking na “magagamit ko rin ito maybe in the future. NOPE, it won’t kaya kung ako sayo, try to check ano ba yung ginagamit mo lang everyday, every week, or at least a month nagagamit mo, kung hindi mo nagagamit, ibigay sa iba, idonate or worst scenario is itapon mo.


Cinnabon Orginal (cinnamon rolls) and Caffe Latte! Sarap magbreakfast kapag ganito, chill lang ang breakfast hahaha!

And Oh our new receptionist gave me these!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 11.41.25 AM

Tapos sumakit yung tummy ko direcho agad ako sa CR huhuhu!


  • Sana umokay na yung annual Leave ko. I want to celebrate my birthday in the Philippines with my family 😦
  • Sana mabigay sakin yung Education Grant na inaaplyan ko for my Little sister, oh Please God, ibigay niyo po sana sa amin as blessing iyon.
  • I also wish na sana umokay lahat ng Plans for this year. 
  • Sana Manalo ako sa mga sinalihan ko! 


  • For better days to come 2018 na oh huhuhu
  • For me to survive adulthood, Humaygash, hindi ko pa kaya dejoke, I just really think I’ve been doing a lot of responsibility that I think taking away the life I should be enjoying, pero just to be clear I’m not regretting anything. 
  • That I successfully bring my Brother to Dubai!
  • To make my surprises (yes madami) successful hahaha!
  • For my Mom and my Dad to live longer!


  • Flowery Polo Sleeves and Black Jeggings match with Black Heels. Casual lang kasi wala naman si Boss nasa China haha!


The fact that I am writing again on my blog site( If you are a follower of my Blogs, I suddenly stop writing because I got depressed– a lot, real bad. And I can’t focus, I can’t bring out myself to express myself anymore, it was so hard and really painful. But Thank God, I was saved, and still I’m trying to conquer this disease. I just don’t want to let go of Life.) I hope to those who felt that there’s no one out there for you think again, It might be hard but please, please don’t harm yourself, don’t think of dying, I know its really hard, I felt the same way, and I’m still trying to be strong, and I really wish, hope, and pray that you can try one more to be strong for the people who truly loves you.


  • Pang design sa room namin, I want to make my Room a bit Girly or something like these:
  • groceries (Syempre bagong Lipat I need supplies!)
  • Gummy Bears
  • My Family
  • Gummy Worms
  • My Family
  • Wanting to spend a nice vacation for free hahahaha


  • A nice Panda Duvet yung merun sa hahahaha!
  • PERA!! para may maipadala akong pampa 18th Birthday ng Kapatid ko. Hays hirap maging OFW. How I wish I could just return to being a student.
  • A nice foot and back massage. Grabehan yung pagod ko beshies sa Enrollment ng Filipino Institute JLT Campus! Jam packed! Overwhelming!


Happy and Sad at the same time, Umabot na ba kayo sa point na you know you have it all, pero there’s this feeling there is still something missing in your life. Tapos nagcacause na mafeel mong empty ka pa rin? Or sadyang nasa Mid-20’s crisis lang ako, that’s why I keep on thinking that I am happy but not. But it’s not that I’m not contented with my life guys, may mga point in my life lang talaga that I felt like this.



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